Lean Production with Prowmes

Prowmes is manufacturing execution system that can help you to monitor machine in your factory in real time. Prowmes is cloud based system so that you can reach efficienct reports from anywhere anytime.

Prowmes Realtime Reporting

Real Time Reporting

Prowmes monitors Machine status and production plan in real time.

Automatic Warning

Automatic Alarm

Prowmes produce efficiency / failure reports and alarms if necessary.

Bottleneck Analysis

Bottleneck Analysis

Prowmes analyze the processes which needs to be improved and bottlenecks then reports to you.

Reduce Total Waste

Prevent Wastage

Prowmes helps you to make cost analysis more precise to prevent wastage.

İşgücü Yönetimi

Resource Management

Prowmes helps you to manage time and resource more focused.

Prowmes ile Nesnelerin İnterneti

Internet of Things

Prowmes, with the help of IOT and innovator data acquisition, can minimize deviations of production plans so improvement of processes, SMEs can make flexible production. It leads SMEs to produce high added value products with real time reports.

Lean Production with Prowmes

Lean Production

Prowmes produce OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness), MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures), delays on production plans, defect amount, total produced product, overall status of factory reports in real time. It makes you a step ahead for lean production among competitors.

Realtime Reports

Real Time Reporting

Prowmes presents efficiency, status of each machine, production status, bottleneck analysis reports. SMEs can make optimizations about energy efficiencies and preventions about wastages with the help of these reports.


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